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Annual Membership Fees

 Type of organisation

 Annual Fee

Direct Debit 


Category A: Small community organisations and social enterprises (annual income under £15,000)

£10.50 £9.50

Category B: Community organisations & social enterprises (annual income over £15,000)

£88.50 £86

Category C: Local support organisations (CVS, RCC, Volunteer Centres, Federations of Community Organisations)

£100 £97.50

Category D: Local Authorities, other public and statutory bodies

£200 £195

Category E: Housing Associations and National Umbrella Bodies

£200 £195

Category F: Individuals and other not-for-profit groups (e.g. community pubs, theatres, health centres, etc.)

£110 £106

Category G: Private companies

£325 £320

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