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Quality Standards and Demonstrating your Value

Advising Communities offers a two-part accreditation scheme to recognise best practice in community organisations.

The VISIBLE Standard

The full VISIBLE standard is the nationally accredited quality standard for community organisations which is endorsed by the Charity Commission.

Benefits for community organisations adopting the VISIBLE Standards:

  • A recognised national standard
  • Provides a framework for development
  • Helps organisations to remain legally compliant
  • Provides evidence of the quality and breadth of your work
  • Gives confidence to existing funders and regulators
  • Can increase the motivation and satisfaction of staff and volunteers

The PreVISIBLE Review

PreVISIBLE is a simpler and cheaper development tool which tests the management systems, policies and procedures that an organisation has in place via a series of online questions and requests where you gather specific supporting evidence.

The preVISIBLE Review is packed with advice and guidance and helps your organisation ensure fit for purpose and legal compliance.


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