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Activities and Trading

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  • Alcohol in Community Buildings: A guide for community organisation trustees to the law governing the provision of alcohol in community buildings, whether a charge is made or not.

  • Bingo: This guidance note describes the different legal provisions under which Bingo can be lawfully played in community centres and village halls.

  • Closing a Charity: This technical guidance notes deals with the process of dissolving an unincorporated charity and highlights the points that you need to be aware of.

  • Closing a Company: This technical guidance note deals with how to dissolve a company and highlights what issues need to be considered.
  • Community Buildings and Taxation: This information sheet tells you something about each of the taxes that may be levied by HM Revenue and Customs upon those managing Community Buildings.
  • Conflict Resolution: This information sheet gives an introduction to the issue of disputes and conflict and offers tips on how to avoid it, deal with it and resolve it when it occurs.
  • Contracts Checklists: An ‘at a glance’ checklist of things to consider when entering into contracts.
  • Free E-mail for Your Organisation: This information sheet is an easy step by step guide to setting up a free email account for your organisation.
  • Gambling Act 2005: This technical guidance note explains the main provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 as they apply to community organisations promoting gambling for fundraising and other purposes.
  • Guide to Effective Campaigning: This pack aims to aid you in preparing and undertaking a well thought through campaign strategy and will help you to be confident of your position within the local political arena.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: This information and guidance sheet is for any community organisation wanting to know how to do their own monitoring and evaluation.
  • Music in Community Buildings: This information sheet gives answers to many of the questions commonly asked in relation to the performance of music (live or recorded) in community buildings and about PRS/PPL.
  • Procurement and Commissioning: This technical guidance notes deals with the process of dissolving an unincorporated charity and highlights the points that you need to be aware of.
  • Summary of Licenses and Permissions: This document briefly introduces the main licences and permissions which may be needed by organisations running a community building.
  • Sustainability of Community Buildings: Ideas and information for anyone who runs a community building as to how they can take positive steps toward both environmental and economic sustainability.
  • The Licensing Act 2003: This guidance note outlines the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003, and indicates the transitional arrangements that are in place to replace previous provisions and proposals for amendment.
  • Top Tips on Holding a Community Event: Some tips on holding community events – some of the pitfalls and what permissions or licenses you may need.

Model Documents

  • Model Business Continuity Policy and Plan: This model policy and plan can be adapted to suit your organisation. Preparing and planning ahead can help you take steps to minimise the potential impact of unplanned events/emergencies.
  • Rules and Hire Agreement for a Community Centre: This document highlights the requirements of such things as the Licensing Act and fire safety requirements, together with the requirements of a landlord, insurers and/or other possibly interested parties. It also provides a set of rules (Part Two) and a sample hire agreement that can be used by most community centres.

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