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Setting up a Community Organisation

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  • Community Associations: Starting New Groups: This information sheet explains how active community associations and similar organisations can and should be continually assessing local needs and developing new groups in response.
  • Creating a Community Profile: Neighbourhood Walkabouts: A Neighbourhood Walk is a way of surveying the opinions of residents about their community. This information sheet gives advice on how best to organise such a survey and coach the participants.
  • Creating a Community Profile: How to create a community profile, why it can be helpful to do one and what you need.
  • Marketing and Publicity: The following explains what marketing is and how branding, advertising, sponsorship, the internet and social networking can all play their part in getting your message across - no matter how small your organisation. It includes a template to help develop your own plan.
  • Networking and Partnerships: This information sheet gives an overview about developing networks and working in partnership with others.
  • Publishing A Newsletter: This information sheet gives an overview of what’s involved in publishing a newsletter.
  • Setting Up a Community Association: What a community association is and stepby-step guidelines on how to set one up.
  • Starting A New Community Group – What You Need To Know: This information sheet offers advice and information for anyone or any group of people wanting to form a new community group.
  • Writing a Press Release: This information sheet gives a basic guide to writing a press release and tips on how to get it noticed. It provides a template to use for writing your own and a sample copy as an example of a press release.

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