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Trustee Roles and Responsibilities

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  • Becoming a Trustee: What’s in It for Me: What is involved in becoming a trustee? How to become one? What can be gained from being a trustee? and an overview of the responsibilities of trustees.
  • Disqualified or Not: This technical guidance note briefly covers all aspects of the disqualification of trustees and includes a list of common offences, which do - or do not - lead to disqualification.
  • Duties of Company Directors and Secretaries: The duties and responsibilities that the directors and secretary of a company are required by law to fulfil.
  • The Fit and Proper Person Test: The basic legal considerations needed to comply with the ‘fit and proper’ criteria as applied to those persons who manage the charity.
  • The Secretary’s Role: This information sheet explains the role within the Committee of the Secretary and describes the Secretary's main duties.
  • The Treasurer’s Role: The work of the treasurer in a community organisation, as regards financial control, budgeting and the keeping of section accounts.
  • The Work of the Chair: The role of the Chair, the Chair’s tasks and how they should be carried out.
  • Trustee Roles and Responsibilities: Who or what are the trustees, the different roles and responsibilities of charity/managing and holding trustees, how trustees are appointed and removed and how it is possible to incorporate the charity/managing trustees as a body.

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