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Volunteers and Volunteering

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  • Working with Volunteers: What organisations need to consider about recruiting and working with volunteers. It also sets out the legal position regarding payments to volunteers.

Model documents

  • Model Volunteer Policy: This model policy is for any community organisation who makes use of volunteers and can be adapted to suit the particular needs of your organisation.
  • Specimen Statement to Volunteers: A specimen statement that your organisation can use with volunteers. It highlights the different roles and responsibilities of volunteers. A template of a volunteer registration form is also included that can be adapted to your organisation.
  • Volunteering Assessment Forms: These volunteering assessment forms are designed so that any community organisation can adapt them to their particular needs. The forms will help organisations to keep a record of their volunteers, to help with carrying out supervision and to evaluate the value of volunteering to the organisation. The first form is for supervision of volunteers in your organisation. The second form is for employed staff to feedback on how volunteers are managed and how effectively they are used.

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