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24 October 2014
Planning Aid England are keen to ensure community groups and communities are aware of the services and support they provide.
08 October 2014
build a cohesive and common team approach to external relationships.
07 October 2014
Your People: we just can’t get new volunteers and committee members? Do you know exactly what it is you want them to do?
03 October 2014
Making your Building Work Harder "Do you ever wonder if …"
29 September 2014
Your National Federation needs you! Read on to find out more
15 September 2014
As of September 2014, the Charity Commission website will have moved to the GOV.UK website.
08 August 2014
A new leaflet detailing the importance of public libraries has been published by the Carnegie UK Trust.
30 July 2014
AGM and conference on Saturday 22nd November in central London
28 July 2014
The Chief Executive talks to Third Sector magazine

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